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Black Lightning Season 1
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Jefferson Pierce, known as the superhero Black Lightning, has long forgotten about exploits, choosing family happiness and home peace. Black Lightning Season 1 Torrent But to one who fights against evil, it is difficult to see how the world is ruled by crime, corruption and injustice. Black Lightning Season 1 Torrent The youngest daughter of Pierce Jennifer, a smart and independent student, is involved in a conflict with a local gang. And Jefferson has to become a superhero again ...

Episodes: 1-5 of 13 (save page) added 5 episodes

Year of manufacture: 2018
Country: USA
Genre: fiction, action
Duration: ~ 00:42:00

Quality: WEB-DLRip
Format: AVI
Video: 720x400, 23,976 fps, ~ 1385 kbps, 0.201 bit / pixel
Audio Rus: MP3, 48 kHz, 2 ch, 128 kbps
Audio Eng: MP3, 48 kHz, 2 ch, 128 kbps


Jefferson used to be a superhero. Black Lightning Season 1 Torrent But such a life requires a lot of expenses from a person. Once the hero was simply tired, and decided to tie in with his activities. Having removed a mask and a suit, now he tries to live as the most ordinary citizen.

Now he has nothing and no one to prove anything to, and you can just enjoy life. It takes nine years, and nothing foreshadowed that the hero can return to dangerous streets. Black Lightning Season 1 Torrent But how wrong he was when he reasoned like this. Nothing passed without a trace, and the sense of justice has not gone away.


In the meantime, a super band appears in the region, which begins to scare local residents, and violate their peace of mind. Black Lightning Season 1 Torrent Members of this group, call themselves a "hundred" and each day their antics become more insolent. They are joined even by the best pupil of the hero, and his daughter needs him more than ever.

Thus, Jefferson understands one thing. The time of the Black Lightning has not passed yet. This means that it's time to put on your suit, and start your duties. Black Lightning Season 1 Torrent The streets want their hero back, and he comes back! Criminals should now be very concerned.

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